Get up to five years warranty for free


PROTECT is a reliable Danish, high-quality complaint-free product

A PROTECT Fog Cannon™ automatically comes with a 2-year warranty. If you fill out and submit the warranty form on this page, you will add 3 years to the warranty on the newly installed Fog Cannon™. This will bring your warranty up to 5 years!

The additional 3 years warranty ONLY applies, if you register the product online when the system is just installed. The date of commencement of the warranty is based on the date the product leaves the factory. Further details are available under “Warnings” in the installation manual that is delivered with the product.

When is the product registered?

When you click “Submit”, you should wait for a confirmation on the screen. We also automatically send a confirmation to the e-mail address that you enter on the form. Only when you get this confirmation, the product is registered.

If you do not receive the confirmation email, we recommend that you check your “junk mail” folder and/or your spam filter.

Warranty form

Fields marked with an * are required
1 capital letter and 11 digits. E.g. A12345678910. Multiple serial numbers can be entered by clicking the '+' button.
IMPORTANT: Fog cannon model Xtratus does not have the extra warranty option and therefore cannot be entered on this form.

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Yes, I have read and accepted point 8 about warranty in PROTECT's current terms and conditions of sale and delivery which PROTECT A/S use towards its global customers *
Yes, I accept that the date of commencement of the warranty is always based on the manufacturer’s date of delivery *

To send click Submit and we will send a confirmation e-mail.